Increase in monthly bill without notice.
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I will keep this short.

Signed up for 2-year contract 3 years ago.  After 2 years there was a slight agreed to increase to keep the same service level.  

Here we are another year later, with a Suprise of over a $30 increase.  Called customer support and talked to a very nice person.  After some back and forth of them trying to upgrade my existing plan for even more $$$, was told there was nothing more they could help me with.

I left Comcast 3 years ago for this same reason and have no problem doing the same with Verizon.  Just want to see if there are any suggestions before having to play this game again.



Re: Increase in monthly bill without notice.
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I too have had an INCREASE on my CONTRACTED plan. ( Did I mention "contract"  here)  It's a contract between 2 parties that AGREE to honor their end of the Contract.  I'm upholding mine what about you Verizon? 

I've been told It's "across the Board" increase. Seems it's more of pick your pockets increase.  I ALSO dropped my Call Filter Plus charges ( 5.99 a month) as the "filter does NOTHING to intercept incoming  spam etc calls.  Just another way to pick your pockets too.