International plan added without authorization
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Dear Verizon, I'm wondering why do you add services to my account without my consent and then charge me for them? I'm tired of being on the line with your "trained" staff that keeps reading the script - very annoying, unhelpful and disappointing.  I've been a customer for almost two years with no complaints, and suddenly, I got charges on my bill for services I did not authorize or consent for. I hope you really VALUE your customers and will help me make the right decision about the fate of the 5 lines on my account.


Sincerely disappointed customer

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Re: International plan added without authorization
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Your loyalty and trust are essential to our partnership. It is always our priority to provide full disclosures about plan or service changes especially when they are bill impacting. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm confident that we can give an explanation for international features or charges. Let's gather more information. What is the specfic amount you're disputing? Was it for a feature or international roaming? Have there been any recent plan changes? Many of our plans include international features. We wan to get  this right for you. 

-Rita K.