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On 12-21-22 between 0632 hrs and 0652 hrs I made contact with your customer service concerning erroneous billing for 3 cell lines I no longer use .  I recentlly moved from California to North Carolina to retire as a 25 year veteran for a major metropolitan police department.   I live by my word and  I believe integrity is more important than money, curious if your organization lives by that creed?

In the transfer we cancelled our service with  Verizon and went with Spectrum.   My wife called Verizon and you should have a recording showing that she vocalized the cancellation of all lines with Verizon back in February 2022.  Your supervisor known as Dan stated that did not occur, if your organization was honorable, truthful and had a moral compass then they would honor that phone conversation which you guys state you indeed record all conversations.

Apparently  your organization has billed me for three lines since February 2022 knowing they were inactive and didn't at least check to see if that was the case.  Your supervisor which would not assist me in righting this wrong(refunding all bills that added up to $1000 between February and now) by your organization.  This individual goes by Dan, and if this is your policy to fleece your customers without delivering any kind of service then I don't think I can ever recommend Verizon as an  honorable organization.