Is 7th Time Dealing With Verizon Customer Service The Charm

Here's hoping that my experience becoming a new Verizon customer is not being experienced by others.  

Install was great, speed and reliabiity of my FIOS Internet connection has been great too.

My problem has been getting a bill that is correct.  

I've spoken to about seven different CSRs so far.  The party line has been, "Just pay the (incorrect) bill.  We will submit the credit you are due and this will be corrected next month."  

Today I dealt with a CSR who seemingly did what the first person should have done; she listened to me, confirmed what I told her and gave me the proper amount to pay--AND--took the neccessary steps to insure that future bills would be accurate. She went so far as to set an appointment in her calendar to check July billing after it is generated to make sure it is.

It's a shame that it has taken so many calls to get my problem fixed.  I hope that my threatening to switch back to Comcast isn't what it took to get her attention. In truth, Comcast service wasn't bad, I just couldn't get the services I was looking for from them at a reasonable cost.  Their customer service was very good. If there was ever a problem it was resolved in a single call.  In retrospect it seems they gave CSRs authority to solve problems.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be how Verizon works.  Lots of talk about needing to open 'tickets', wait for things to be handled by 'back-office', etc.

My feedback to whoever is listening at Verizon, streamline customer service so that problems can be resolved in a single call and incentivize reps for stepping up and handling things the right way.