Is Everyone Enjoying Their $250 Visa Card Pomised by Verizon for Signing Up?

Over the years, because of paying a lot of money for triple play and feeling as though it wasn't worth it, I kept my phone and computer but cancelled the TV portion in an attempt to save money. Went with Hulu. Hulu is great but there were a few of my favorite TV shows that I missed watching on Verizon TV. I was checking my emails and found out that Verizon was having a special, $99 plus a free tablet, plus a $250 gift card, of course this entailed a 2 year contract. What the heck, only $99 - I'll try it!

Spoke with the Service Rep, Sage (hoping its her real name!) and she explained everything to me and I thanked her. She mentioned a free tablet - never received that. Was told after 90 days if my bill was paid on time (which I made a point of doing) I would received the $250 visa card. Needless to say, it never arrived. If you go on line there are several complaints about this happening to other people. When you call to ask where the gift card is you will received a numer of excuses why you are not entitled or be told it was mailed (never was) or have service reps not get back to you.

BTW, I just received my 3rd month bill, It's around $174, just why I left in the first place. ( to be fair - although the company wasn't) There was a one time service charge of $20+. Ok, so I will be paying $150 per month. Far cry from $99+ taxes per month!

This is deception and fraud.

Re: Is Everyone Enjoying Their $250 Visa Card Pomised by Verizon for Signing Up?

Hi Valentina70,

Have you checked your rewards status at or contacted customer support to inquire about this?

Re: Shame on you Verizon- Where is my Gift Card?

I have had so much respect for Verizon until now! I started on my own, got a Verizon pre paid phone in  January 2015. Then on May 15  got the Fios Bundle - Ultimate / 50/50 and Fios Voice. locked in a 2 years contract. Had signed up online to the promise of a Visa gift card . Have paid my monthly bills of approx $169 on time and in full. It has been more than 60 days and there is no sign of the gift card.

Calls to your numbers have been transfers , transfers and more transfers -nobody is taking ownership.

I cannot locate the master number required to sign into Rewards, so hence the calls to Verizon! 

I am so disappointed and  upset that a reputable company would soil their name over Gift Cards- come on now  Verizon ,seriously!!!

You need to fix this, there are too many complaints

I have kept my half of the contract Verizon-have you???