Is there any way to get GOOD support with Verizon?
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For nearly a decade as a customer I've had ongoing disputes regarding discounts applied and then removed from my account, including auto-pay, veteran, and now loyalty discounts. I go through a ton of work with support to eventually get the discount, then it gets removed and our bill is increased by $25 to $60 for a few months until I have time to get it sorted out again. They never offer any amends for the time the discount was not being applied, just some excuse that of course wasn't communicated when the discount was removed.

Additionally, the device trade-ins are a total bait and switch tactic. When I tried to access one at a local Verizon in November, trading in an iPhoneX for a basic 13, which I was told and advertised would be free, I instead had to pay $200 in the store and I'm still paying $35 on every month. Verizon support is of course useless on the matter and the store front has new employees that can't help either. I'll eventually end up paying $1,460 for a device that was sold to me as "free".

Finally I reached out to a 3rd party to see if they could do anything with my bill, and Verizon finally offered a discount they never gave to me, (Loyalty Discount), but then my bill immediately increased again the next month, by $25 following an initial $50 decrease, and after the 3rd party charged me for the future savings of the discount. So now I'm just getting overcharged by two companies, all because Verizon has terrible support, no accountability, and doesn't care about customer experience.

"Free", "Service", and "Support" are just not terms Verizon should be able to advertise, so long as they overcharge, misrepresent costs, and take no responsibility. I will be shopping for better service, providing this review for as many people as I can, and pursuing any actions for the bait and switch tactics I've been subjected to over the years and especially the past few months, unless Verizon wants to finally take responsibility and do something to help a long-standing, auto-paying customer. #help #baitandswitch

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Here's some more somewhat related to the thread above (I feel you pain!):

1) Text Received: Oct 14, 2022 (Text transcribed verbatim below)

Verizon Msg: NAME, great news! As a valued customer, you're eligible for an exclusive loyalty discount of $25/mo. off of your current Unlimited plan (no plan change is required). Just call 800.922.0204 today to get this limited-time offer.

2) Text Received: Feb 3, 2023 (Text transcribed verbatim below)

Verizon Msg: Great news - exclusively for you! As a loyal customer, you're eligible for an additional $15/mo. off your current plan. That's a new total discount of $40/mo. and no plan change is required. Call or *611 today to 1.800.922.0204 lower your monthly bill with this Valued Customer Discount.

I accepted both offers. Received the additional $15 discount last month but now this has disappeared from my latest bill i.e., current bill has increased $15.

Is offer number #2  just meant to be a joke? I have been told by two of your "customer service" reps today that they have no record of me being sent this text i.e., being gaslighted (or is it ‘gaslit’?) by your customer reps. The rep I dealt with when I accepted the deal seemed to acknowledge the existence of the offer however. Weird huh!? There seems to be a fair bit of commentary on the web about these offers being made by Verizon in Feb this year so it appears the text I received was for real (note also that it did reference the previous $25 discount that was accepted).

Given the texts I received (offer) and my acceptance (acceptance) this is a breach of contract. The Consideration and Capacity/Legality elements of a contract are a given in this case. 

BTW....what is the insert/edit image option to this text box? Unusable. Makes it difficult/impossible to insert images into these threads which is probably be design per the experience outlined above. This is why I did not paste the screenshots into this post. 

Verizon - you have seven (7) days to respond. Taking this one to BBB and California Public Utilities Commission if no response received.

Having to add this to community message board as there is no email option for customer inquiries (but of course).

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shawnsheep, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We'll follow up this concern to a private note.



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I've tried to upgrade my plan and add a phone.  So far, at least 8 hours chatting.  Interminable waiting, no responses, nothing ever gets done, everything is broken, bill is $150/month MORE than I agreed, nobody can help, nobody knows anything, please bear with me, rest assured, we will take care of you...just wait...and wait...and wait...

I've never dealt with any company that seemed more committed to deliberately wasting time, provoking frustration, and delivering nothing as promised.  I can't even think of one that comes close.

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We're sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your plan change and phone purchase. We want to make sure your bill is at a comfortable rate for you and we'd like the chance to help you out. We'll be sending you a Private Note shortly.