Is this seriously the only place to "file" a compliant?? Worst customer service EVER!
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Wow. It took me 20 minutes to find a spot online where I could submit this, and apparently it's just a forum? I am a young, tech-savvy person so it's not user error. Unbelievable. 

Paying this much per month for such crappy service is not okay. 

My husband & I ordered a movie last night. We paused it so I could go get a drink. When I came back, the movie disappeared. It was like we hadn't just purchased it and prompted us to purchase it again. This is the 2nd time this same exact thing has happened since enlisting Verizon Fios services. 

We each called on our phones separately as it took VERY long just for the stupid automated system to let either of us wait on hold for a live person. The whole automated thing is all prompts that send you in circles and spew useless technical help "advice" such as "Check to see that your STB is plugged into a working outlet." Wow...thank goodness someone thought of that! SMH. 

We both spent 20ish minutes waiting in line for an agent, then it booted me out, so I had to start all over! Mind you, my husband was still waiting while that was happening. I finally got someone from technical support who ran diagnostics (which is something my husband already did from his phone during all of this as that is an option in the automated phone thing), then said that since everything checked out okay, he'd transfer me over to a customer support agent. Without giving me a chance to ask how we can prevent this from happening again, he just clicked the call right over. Not only that...HE PUT ME IN THE REGULAR MENU AGAIN!!! I was on hold for 45 MINUTES before I could speak to someone, when we had already been at this for at least 30 minutes before THAT! The least he could have done was transfer me to someone directly (customer service 101, people!) The customer support agent was nice enough and granted my request to just refund it, but was otherwise unhelpful. She and her coworkers must get these calls all the time and likely only have minimal resources which they are allowed to utilize.

I work in customer service as well and if I EVER treated folks like that I'd be fired in a heartbeat! 

When I asked how this could be prevented from happening again she said "Let me transfer you back to technical support for assistance with that." UM, NO. All we wanted to do was watch a mindless movie after a long day of work and at this point it was almost 11pm before they finally "resolved" the issue (read: refund and done).

My plan was to send a polite email to customer service or technical support (whomever would be able to help) to see if they can make sure this doesn't happen again, but here I am after even more time wasted out of my workday just to end up in a forum. Note to self: switch carriers as SOON as our contract is up with Verizon because clearly this company doesn't know which end is up and from what other folks are writing here, it's probably not going to get any better. 

Oh, and the next time a Verizon sales rep rings our doorbell during family dinner time to see if we want to switch to Fios (yes, this has happened THREE times even though we already have Fios), I will be asking for their supervisor's name and contact info!! Maybe then someone will actually help because they must care more about sales than they do customer relationship management.