Issues with Fraud and credits
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I have had the misfortune of having Verizon Home Protect added to my account 4 times over the past two years.  This year alone, it was added and removed three times.  Twice in one month!  All without MY CONSENT.


I finally got to a chat rep who was extremely helpful, personable, and was as frustrated as I was.  I explained to her that I basically have lost trust in Verizon, and I have spent COUNTLESS hours via chat on app, and even more on phone calls with reps who had no idea what they were even doing (one even completely misunderstood the situation, REMOVED my Mobile Protection insurance, and ADDED Verizon Home Protect!)

She spent over an hour with me, going over all of the times this happened, and even advised me she was going to have this sent to the Fraud Department for an investigation.  I was given a fraud referral ID number.  She advised me she would also work to make sure I was given a substantial credit, not only for the small amounts I was incorrectly charged during the time the Verizon Home was active, but also to show that Verizon cares about issues like this, and takes this very seriously.  She said that the least they could do was provide a very good credit on my account as a show of good will, to gain some trust back.  She advised me it would take about 10 days, and she would get back in touch with me.

I went on chat today via the app, to see if there was an update (my bill is due today, but I put a promise to pay for a later date, as I did not want to pay my bill until this issue was sorted out).  I spoke to a very unprofessional man named Reese.  His response?  "The fraud department has put a hot note on your account, that makes it so nothing can be added to your account without your consent, we hope this doesn't happen again!"

THAT was the solution?  To add a note instructing agents they aren't allowed to add any services to my account WITHOUT my permission?  Shouldn't this be a standard thing on every single customer's account?  This just made me lose even more trust in Verizon.  The kicker?  His offer of a credit was $4.08.

If I was any of you, I would immediately go and check your add ons and services, and make sure they haven't added on things without your this has happened FOUR times now, and now I am in the process of finding a new provider to port my number over to.  I've tried to speak to a supervisor, and all I get is people telling me they don't have any I can't get to a person willing to actually take any responsibility to look into how bad they have messed therefore I will be leaving.

  • I just wanted to give a PSA to all of the members to check your bills and add ons and services RELIGIOUSLY.  Because apparently, until the fraud department puts a "hot note" on your account that states nobody can add anything to your account without your consent...they absolutely can do whatever they want, whenever, and there are zero consequences (besides me missing hours of work trying to deal with this and explain the same story over and over to 30 different reps, and then they STILL try to offer me Verizon Home Protect on the call, even though that is the reason I am calling!!)

EDIT:  I have been advised that filing a complaint to the BBB is probably the best way to go, especially considering this is a fraud issue on Verizon's end, and they aren't willing to show any good will towards keeping me a customer and showing they care, so I guess that will be my last step before I decide if I am going to switch carriers.

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