It pays to leave

I extended my triple play service for two years and upgraded to "gigabit" service which required a tech to come to my house and change boxes.

I learned:

gigabit is only possible with hardwired ethernet devises.  Your wifi will be half that speed if your lucky- mine is a third.

You have to pay $200 for the tech to "upgrade" your devices, they waive a $99 installation fee.

You don't get a year free of netflix.  $156

If you sign up as a new customer you don' have to pay the $200 upgrade fee and you get netflix.  $356  

And you'll get other discounts and promotions that will lower your bill by about 20%.  Mine would have been $50 less.

If they let me I'm going to switch to Spectrum.  I find this insulting.

Re: It pays to leave

New customer pricing will always be cheaper. Cable does the same thing.

you could leave and get your etf paid by the other service provider.

worth looking into.