It's time to escalate my case to an Agent

My tale of woe equals or betters that of the most ardent complaints posted in this forum previously. You, My Verizon Account monitors, see the same complaint, i.e., incrediably horrendous customer service, posted one way or another time and time again.


I could bend your ear  with a very detailed accounting of the phenomenally terrible treatment I've received trying to resolve my problem. I'm choosing another path. Rather than detailing the run around I've received from no less than 4 customer service people on the phone regarding my efforts to resolve a major misrepresentation made by the sales agent who wrote my order, I'm requesting that you take my word that my efforts todate have been a total waste of time. Accordingly, I request that you escalate my complaint to an agent whose role is to contact me to settle my beef.


I shall look for the escalation per the instructions Elizabeth S. gave in the exchange with another unhappy customer:

Re: It's time to escalate my case to an Agent
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Hi dadfine71,

Please provide a brief description of the issue you are having and any previous efforts that have been made to resolve it.