Just a word of caution when paying monthly invoices

Hi Forum Land:

This is a heads up to those that pay Fios via either auto payment or one time payment with a credit or debit card.

Set up alerts with your bank when items are submitted for payment.

The reason for the warning is I received a credit card posting alert for ‘Verizon one time payment” the amount was a duplicate of the payment made 6 days ago.

I contacted my card issuer and had them remove it. Fortunately the credit card company seen the original payment previously posted to the card. The bank said it was yet another authorization for payment from November 27th. But I always keep close watch on any authorizations and it will not get Verizon another payment they are not entitled to.

Do not contact Verizon simply contact your credit card company or bank or credit union. They can reverse these types of duplicate requests for payment.

Also keep all receipts and bank and credit card statements showing any payments that were made prior.

at this time of year keep a watchful eye on your money and finances.

Happy Holidays