Landline Phone + Internet Discounts


I have been a Verizon customer for over a decade. I have been living in New Jersey. In 2013 I moved from One town to another where Optimum was the service provider. But because of being with Verizon for so long - I stayed with Verizon. I was paying $60+ for just Local Phone Service and 1.5 Mbps DSL internet service when Optimum was offering Internet Phone + 30 Mbps internet for $54.99.

In 2015 I called verizon and expressed my concern and asked them if they were getting FIOS in the area or not and How they can help me lower my bill because I am paying so very little in terms of internet(DSL) and phone (local). I was told they will apply a bundle discount and lower my bill to under $60 - somehow I agreed to it (loyalty at fault). I was told that the discount shall be renewed every year but I would have to call after I receive the bill and it would be retroactively applied to that month's bill. I was told them that if there is an issue with the discount I would be informed. Fast forward to March 2017 and again my bill jumped to $83.xx - I called to reinstate the discount and I am being told that the discounts are no longer available and at the most the price can be dropped to $70.00 and that too from next month. I said I was told that if there is going to be an issue with discount I should be informed prior so that I don't end up with an unreasonable bill. I explained that to the Customer Service Rep. and the Manager to no avail. I am trying to find contact for Corporate customer care but cannot find any information.

I don't know what to do expect have to call optimum to switch the service for $54.99 for Internet + phone.

I will appreciate any contact for the Corporate Customer Care to resolve my issue.


B. Shah