Lasting relationship

I'm writing this in hope it will find someone who cares. That it may reach someone who can make a difference.

I had hoped this day would never come. Change is never easy. I've been a loyal customer and supporter of Fios since it came to NJ. For the most part I've always been satisfied with Fios service and when issues came up they were responsive. While not cheap I've felt the service was worth the price. In fact I've had a part in freinds and family also choosing Fios. 

My contract expired well over a year ago. With no equivelent plan available I just stayed with what I had contently. Recently my bill went up 18%. While several reps tried to find a new plan for me they were more costly or had less value.

When I puchased my servise I puchased the fastest internet speed available. Even purchasing a router from Fios to get most of my service. Not too long after speeds went up but not mine. Though I paid for the fastest speed now I would have to pay more to get it. It just didn't seem fair. Today when I canceled my service Fios offered even a better plan that I would have signed up for in a minute. I don't understand why it couldn't be offered before I switched. Perhaps Verizon should consider the value of life long customers by providing even a small incentive. I would have been one. 

Re: Lasting relationship

This is not how Fios works. For the most part Verizon is counting on new customers signing up for services. They in turn get a teaser price, but existing customers must pick up the price by increases to existing customers.

verizon is counting on existing customers to stay because they don’t want to switch to other services like cable or satellite internet.

Its a shame that there is not across the board pricing. This way the price never changes if you are a new customer or a long time customer. People would stay.

Churn out is a real problem, but as cable and Fios are losing customers in great numbers the answer is raise prices and keep raising prices until they have no customers. Craig Moffett has said he believes this is a crazy policy and the death knell to the industry. Folks will only take so many increases before they become ex customers.