Leaving Verizon
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Let’s talk about how Verizon lie to their customers . May 23 , 2023, I reached a rough patch and my care went down , I couldn’t work , and was trying to support my 4 children I was unable to pay off my balance and by July 14th service was disconnected. Granted that was my fault. From then to now I tried to make small payments to at least keep my number and stay a Verizon customer. On October 14th (4 months later)  I called because I was able to make a large payment. The representative I spoke with told me that she should put in a payment arrangement to secure my account as well as take my payment and that’s what we did. I payed off the same debit card I’ve been using for years and I set up the arrangements for 10/29. By 11am 10/15/23 Verizon had disconnected my service and cancelled my payment arrangement, the first representative lied and told me that I would be refunded my $590 and had to get cash and take it to the store because I was being placed on cash only, then told me they would not restore service until I went to a Verizon store and gave them the cash and tell their representatives to turn the service on (which we all know is a lie) . When I asked to speak with management I was told that all supervisors were on a call and not available, I said that’s fine I’ll wait and I was immediately hung up on. I called back spoke with another representative “Alan” and was told the refund story was a complete lie but I was being placed on cash only I was the told for 2 hours there was no one to go into the system not even the CEO of Verizon to restore my services or even put in an arrangement, I had to continuously ask for clear clarification as well as upper management until mysteriously after 2 hours my services had been restored, I was then told to call financial services to set up the payment arrangements, today 10/16 I call financial services explain everything tell them to check the notes etc and once again I’m being lied to. Now I’m being told the arrangement was cancelled because my account was 4 months past due, when asked to make that make sense when the phone has been disconnected for 4 months no one was able to do so, no one was able to go that far back on the bill no one was able to add any clarification, when called out of the continuous lies , when I read the letters to them about my balance , and what was the balance no one was able to say anything other than well I understand your frustrated but it’s the system and you will owe $54 tomorrow for the time the service was off. They have gotten so ridiculous over the years , I am highly upset I will be switching to Xfinity mobile  where there are cheaper bills, better customer service and service just as good. I honestly don’t see Verizon lasting to much longer they are going to go down just like sprint. And it’s really messed up to do loyal customers they way they do!!!! I will be starting a social media page to CANCEL VERIZON!! 

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