Letter sent to Verizon about my attempt to establish new service

I write this letter as I try to establish NEW service and it is incredible just how difficult the process is. If it is this difficult to establish new service I am beginning to wonder what ongoing customer service will be like.

Just so that you can appreciate how DIFFICULT this process is, here is what I am going through:

Thursday 2/26/15. Ordered new service online (xxxxxxx). I did enter all of the required information (SSN and DOB), but somehow it didn’t seem to take it, so I received an email that my order required urgent attention. Since I had provided my contact number I expected someone to call me on Friday to complete the order. I did not receive a call – that was actually ok.

Saturday 2/28/15. I followed up on this order. After spending almost an hour trying to complete this order you will forgive me if I can’t recall the exact sequence of events, but here is what I remember:

Called customer service, as per the link in the “urgent” email. The representative gave me a different number to call for credit verification.

Called that new number for credit verification. Person indicated that they couldn’t verify my credit. I was willing to give my SSN, DOB, etc. to proceed, but they indicated that I could either do one of two things, but that the easier way would be to go back to a sales rep and redo the order.

I was either transferred or called back on the customer service number, I can’t recall which, but was disconnected.

I then called the FastPass special phone number. Talked to a representative who indicated that I needed to call a different credit verification number.

Called the alternate credit verification center, and that person told me the same thing, that I would have to go back to a sales rep and redo the order.

Do you see the theme? The sales reps are sending me to the credit center and the credit center is sending me back to the sales reps.

Called 800-Verizon, spoke to xxxxx and explained that I just had spoken to a handful of people. She stayed on the line and contacted the credit center and conferenced me in with another rep. She asked me my legal name, DOB, and phone number (you have to appreciate that this was the 3rd time providing this information). She indicated that she couldn’t verify my credit. So, she sent me a link via email so that I could provide a picture of my driver’s license. I received the link via email and the rep (thankfully) volunteered to call me back in 25 minutes to walk me through the rest of the process.

I got a pic of my driver’s license and clicked on the link. This took less than 5 minutes. However the link to NetVerify had expired.

If you can guess, by now I am quite frustrated. (I’m pausing for a moment, waiting for the 25 minutes to pass and for the helpful rep to call me back).

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! The number of hoops that I have had to jump through – just for the privilege of becoming a Verizon customer, and I still haven’t been able to establish service.

The rep did call me back, and offered to conference in the credit center again, but I am just worn out so I had her cancel the order.

For your records, the representative that provided outstanding service was: xxxxx xxxxxx (hope that I got that spelling correct) from the Newport News Office.


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Re: Letter sent to Verizon about my attempt to establish new service
Customer Service Rep

Hi LM42,

Would you mind sending us this same message along with both your original order # and your new order# so we can investigate exactly what happened please?