Lied to by Fios rep in store

I finally decided to add tv service to my internet only fios plan.  I did my background research, online, calling sales, etc..

I found that online I was getting a better deal than over the phone.  Mainly an extra discount was available along with waved activation fee.

Before placing my order, I decided to go into the store to see if I could place the order and possibly receive extra discounts, or at a minimum receive my equipment that same day.

The first question I asked, was "Will I be charged an activation fee, because online it is waived?".  The representative at the Dulles Retail Plaza, Christopher, told me that there was no activation fee.

After going over some details, the monthly cost was $5 more than I was quoted online.  I figured since online there is a disclaimer about exact charges due to dates/taxes/etc, it was likely normal.

Christopher also informed me that due to the prorated amount, my first bill would be a little higher than the regular monthly fee.  That seemed reasonable, so I said it was fine.

I got home, and for the heck of it checked my account.  I notice that there was a $5 discount missing from my order that I'd seen when trying to place the order online.  I figured, "Ok, I can probably call and make a stink to add that discount"

The kicker was when I noticed my first bill was $23 higher due to the split up $69.99 activation fee.  The same fee Christopher assured me that I would not be charged.  Not only would my first bill be higher than normal, but my first three bills would be.

I called customer service, and was told that I now have to wait until Monday to cancel my order because the "disconnect" department was closed and would not be open until Monday.

So, now, thanks to Christopher, I have to cancel my order, then place a new one and wait longer to get my service started.

This is probably the worst customer service I've ever encountered.  He lied right to my face when I asked a direct question.

If anyone knows who I can email, or send a letter to, I'd really like to make a formal complaint against this Christopher for lying to me.