Long Time Verizon Customer will go to Attorney General in Rhode Island - Billing Scams

I changed service with Verizon (Bundle - TV, Internet, Phone) using the verizon Fios online web based appliation last year and again this year.  Both times the online agreement at  "Checkout" was subiquently changed to increase the charged amount when the bill was actualy processed by Verizon and received by the customer. In the first instance, at online checkout, the bundle "Deal" included the selection of a Premium Channel "Free" for one year.  Upon receiving the bill I discovered that I was being charged for the Premium channel ($15) After much debate with Verizon, they were unable to provide the premium channel for "Free" and the 15$ charge remained. Verizon did, reluctantly, appease me in that complaint by adding a "good customer" rebate to offset the cost.  One year later, since I needed to update the service to remove the premium Channel as the"good customer" rebate expired I again went to the online appplication. I carefully selected the services and received an e-mail confirmation that the new Monthly charges would be $207.75 at "Checkout" Upon receipt of teh ist Bill I was shocked to see the charge was $234.00.  I used the Chat agent this morning 1/24/2018 and the Verizon Agent stated the charges were corrrect and tried to enter me into some other "Deal".  Clearly unable to assist, I have decided to call Verizon to speak in person. I beleive tis pratice must be systemic and in need of review by the authorities to see if other customers, particularly the many elderly/not tech savvy customers, are being taken advantage of in this way.

Re: Long Time Verizon Customer will go to Attorney General in Rhode Island - Billing Scams

I can see that you are not pleased with the ordering process.

many times what online and physical calling to order the situation changes.

it can change from location to location, city to city or state to state.

This is because Verizon refuses to use standardized pricing throughout their service footprint. Which would make more sense. But the process of price changing is not just a Verizon Fios ploy. Other services do it to maximize profits at any cost.

studies have shown this is a losing strategy since many customers will quit the service and look for alternatives. Business 101 totally out of control.

couple that with customer reps that are supposed to help you are more inclined to upsell you on services, or change you over without consent, or outright lie to you.

This is not good for business. 

The problem also is these same reps can fix your issue up to a point but will not. This is basic because a customer does not know how to contact higher authority or do not know that there our outside regulatory agencies that can fine these companies for the shoddy practices.

Re: Long Time Verizon Customer will go to Attorney General in Rhode Island - Billing Scams
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.