Loss of basic business perspective by Verizon: Charge $60/yr to NOT provide home phone number?

For several years now, my family has had  FIOS Internet, multi-room HD DVR's, and 3 cell phones with Verizon - as well as a home phone number that my family has decided they do not want because we use our Verizon cell phones and are sick of all the automated sales calls that interrupt our household. Our monthly bill is $360/month for all these services. After requesting the disconnection of the home phone service (as well as the One Point Voice Mail we never used ($9.50/month) that we were forced to take when we obtained the phone service so we could get a cheaper "bundle" several years ago), Verizon informed me that my bill would go up by $5/month. So, to NOT provide basic phone service and voice mail to my home so that I can stop the interruptions to our household, Verizon is now charging me more money ($60/year).

A telecommunications company needs more competition when it can make money from its customers by not providing basic phone service.

PS: The Verizon Customer Service rep that helped me with this was very professional, and kept all the required additional sales talk to the minimum that she is probably required to force on the customer. Suggestion for Verizon: since you have made a conscious business decision to charge more for no phone service, please give your poor customer service reps something to say that will acknowledge the dissonance they must impart to their customers. To stay on script, they must ignore the customers' concern about being charged for receiving no phone service. I understand that it is all about making $ and I am fine with that, but making adjustments in other parts of the complicated bill may be more valuable than keeping a straight face as you make this $60/year charge.