Lost Trade in credit (Part 2..)
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Hello all. This is pretty frustrating..

So today I got a text from Verizon reminding me of my next bill, which is typical as always. The reason that I am making this post is because I noticed that my bill is higher than it has been the past few months. I saw that it went up around $20ish USD. So I went to my plan and did some investigating and noticed that the reason that my bill went up $22 dollars from my last bill is because my trade in credit is gone. Now I have no clue what happened for this to happen, but I am incredibly furious seeing my trade in be gone. If there is a way for me to get that back, that would be fantastic.

For reference, my current phone is a iPhone 14 Pro 256gb and my trade in was a iPhone 11 128gb

Any help would be appreciated

(Update: So I talked with a rep a couple days ago, to see that my bill is still the $130ish for this bill. Which is kinda expected. But when I saw the next bill, it went up to $160! Are you serious? Plus my trade in credit wasn't applied at all. This is getting incredibly frustrating..)

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Don't worry, we are here to help you. In a moment we are going to send you a private message that you could provide your account information, and we review your case. >Daniel