Lost promotions by switching to higher plan

My wife and I upgraded to the S23 Ultra from S21 Ultra and received promotions. This was in the January/February time frame. I then upgraded my plan from 5G Play More to 5G Get More primarily for the additional data storage and travel passes. I received emails a short time later indicating I'd lose my promotions if I didn't switch back to my original plan. I could understand if I dropped to a lower plan but not a higher plan. After chatting with two agents over a two week period, and them both telling me the issue would be cleared up, I then went into the local Verizon store. The person who worked with me spent quite a bit of time trying to clear up the issue. He had to initiate an order(?) to correct the issue. It's now been a week and I still have seen no resolution or update.  I received an email with my upcoming bill and the promotions are gone for my phone.

Hopefully, this can be cleared up. It's quite frustrating. I'm guessing it was an automatic trigger in the system that caused the issue.  I can understand there are issues in different systems but it's hard for me to encourage friends and family to stay or move to Verizon with issues like this.

Has anyone else run into this and/or had the issue resolved? It's possible the work the agent(s) and Verizon store worker did is still in the system waiting resolution but, as mentioned, I have not received any updates.

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