Lost tennis channel

We suddenly have lost the Tennis Channel (TC)  6/11/12 after being able to receive it since it became available here in the Manassas Va  area in 2011.  FIOS service became available in April 09 and we were first amongst our street to sign up.  As long time Verizon customers of over 20 yrs to include business phones, cell phones, landlines.   This TC addition to our programming was at no additional fees, cost, premium packages as we have and continue to have the Extreme HD package.  We were ecstatic.  September 4, 2011 TC disappeared during US Open, no notice, warning courtesy email, etc,....I even posted a petition to bring TC back.  1/19/12 we only received an email notice stating TC is back and can start to enjoy the Australian Open go to the channels.   No additional, fees, changes, upgrades, etc,...

Received new message stating free preview during French Open- of 2012-Monday afternoon 6.11.12 the notice that we were not subscribed suddenly appeared on the channel.  I called FIOS immediately that evening and again the next morning to be given a complete run around of we never should have had the channel at all to system partially down cannot check, package is only for the Ultimate HD and would cost either 14.99 or 9.99 to get the channel back along with some other channels.  Was also told of the FOX issues in trying to gain an agreement, etc,...Yet the posting dated 1/17/12 clearly states "

Tennis Channel launched today for FiOS TV customers in Texas, Florida, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and upstate New York, and will be in all FiOS markets by tomorrow (Jan. 18). It’s available on FiOS TV channels 303 (SD) and 592 (HD) for all customers who previously had access and to any customers now who subscribe to the Ultimate HD package or one of the premium sports packages." 

 I have left requests for management, supervisor, original sales rep to contact me to get this corrected as we had to upgrade to a new Triple Play package and our costs have increased approximately now to $25 extra each month- and yet we somehow have lost the TC that we had for almost a year excluding the "strike" time frame.  Just disgusted with the cost and service level we have received

Arlene and Teresa