Loyalty/55+ discount
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Last July or August, I applied for the $25 military discount and found out later that it superceded the $40  discount I had been receiving forever for 55+.  I called back probably 30 times since then to get the $40 discount reinstated and the $25 military discount removed.  What seems like an easy fix has been nothing but headaches and time wasted on the phone with various associates who all promised this would be resolved quickly.  What exactly are my options at this point as I am at wit's end and wish I could make my contract for my new phone null and void and get rid of Verizon for good.  Please help.

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I have the same issue.  I was promised $40 discount per month and it only applied to one month.  I have called each month and they have promised it will be applied every month but it isn’t.  I am getting very frustrated!