Loyalty discount does not show up in my next bill estimate page
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Yesterday an online live agent told me I could free upgrade one of my lines to Get more. She told me it would not impact my bill and existing add-ons.

I found out in the hard way, Checked the next bill estimate and found out I got charged for $4.99 and also the monthly price went up. Contacted the support but they were facing system issue.

Long story short, she did 2 things

1. Line A upgraded to Get More.

2. Line B changed from Play more to Do more.

Play more has Apple Arcade free. Since she changed to Do more, I got charged for $4.99. If I didn't check the bill, I would be charged. I contacted and they removed that. However, their system was broken then I could not ask my 2nd question.

The 2nd issue was the agent told me the Get more plan will get 2 discounts. One is $10 auto-pay discount and also $10 for loyalty discount. It makes the Get more price the same as play more or do more. It means it will not impact my bill. However, in the next bill page, I don't see loyalty discount so it does impact my bill.

Something I also don't know is in the next bill page I see 2 columns, next bill and new monthly. In the next bill I also see one time charge to change plan for $7.09.

I felt like I got tricked. Next time, I will not trust any agent's word I think.

The last issue is in the bill, both lines showing the same name which is my name. Last time I contacted an online agent, he had no idea how to update it.

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