MOVED!!! Verizon customer service is the WORST

I’m so completely baffled!!!! I have used Verizon FOREVER!!! I moved 4 minutes down the road. I called ahead and was told to turn in my equipment and they will give me new router and box and easy instructions to install.  My son came home with me and set everything up. We were on the phone and app “ chat” for over 5 HOURS!!! Yes!! 5!!!!!!!   Customer Service hung up several times. It seems when they don’t know an answer they hang up!! This went on several hours and we are told there is no internet connection because the order is “ pending”! This morning, 

over 8 times. I mean this should be an easy fix. I’ve been on the phone all morning.  First,  they hang up. Then, I asked for a supervisor and honestly most of them had no clue.  One told me it could not connect until I picked up the equipment from the store. I informed her, for the 3rd time, today that I had picked up the equipment. She then informed me that the computer did not say that so therefore I did not have the equipment. I am not even joking!!! My daughter goes off to college in 10 days, I have work I must do from home and NOTHING!! I’m at an absolute loss at this point!! Not to mention about 30 hours I’ll never get back that have been WASTED!!  I’ve called the store I have picked up the equipment from. I’ve kept and calling , asking for supervisors, you name it. All the new equipment is installed and I feel it’s just a flip of a switch. Yet!!!! No one will answer a dang phone and then oops a hard question, time to hang up or get “ disconnected “. My daughter leaves for College soon and we need the Internet!! And now we must use Data, so you all are screwing me on every point. 

    The best is I finally said just let’s make an appointment and send someone to my house. The “ supervisor “ said it would be $135.00?????   Ummm why?   No one has ever charged me to install Verizon. Is this new? If I did not need this desperately, if my daughter did not need it for schoolwork then I’d be done. 

      I’m actually extremely upset. I spent day with my parent at chemo and I do not have time for this   Life is too short, but life is life and I must have this. 

      My last hope was to call for the 40th time  while making dinner to schedule someone. I kid you not they said it would be 35-55 minutes. I held and held and AS SOON AS SOMEONE PICKED UP, THEY HUNG UP. 

Re: MOVED!!! Verizon customer service is the WORST
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Hi Ffkelly,

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