Miscommunication with Initial Service Representative

I recently moved to Columbia MD and was very excited to be getting Fiber Internet.  I am very happy with the speed of the internet service.  When I moved here, I asked the Verizon representative for a data only 25/25 data plan.  I was hoping to get the price I saw online of ~$45 per month.  He informed me that the specific deal was only avialable for people who already had a non-mobile phone service and that the best deal he could get me was $74.99 with phone and data.  Although I was not excited about that rate I was willing to accept it.  Then he offered me the same price for a bundle with a $400 gift card.  So, I took this deal and am happy with the quality of the service provided.

This was ok until today when I found out that some co-workers who arrived in about the same time frame (within a month), were able to get Fiber Internet only 25/25 for ~35 per month ($40 with fees).  The previous tenant at my residence already had FiOS and I did a self install. 

What should I do?  Is there any way to get the $35 per month rate.  I enjoy using Verizon but wish that my represenatative did not mislead me.

Separately, but not as important my initial representative also told me that I could combine my Wireless and Internet account online and save $10 per month.  I think this is water under the bridge but would love any help that Verizon could provide!  I prefer to stay with Verizon but may transition away even with an ETF if I have to continue a high payment:/

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