I am set up for autobill and as a result did not notice my plan was to be increased by $50 this month (after being increased $40 a year ago). Despite the ridiculous cost increase that is not my issue. When I called, I agreed to sign up for another 2 year contract, under the impression I would be credited for the discounts I had lost last month so my bill was not ridiculously high as a good faith incentive to commit toa nother 2 years (which I did not want to do). That credit has not been applied and now I have signed up for a 2 year plan your customer service folks have naturally decided to be wholly unhelpful. Rather than try to address my concern I was offered discounted identity protection - even if your custoemr service people are reading from a script that seems like a ridiculous suggestion.

Very disappointing but honestly the poor service I have come to expect from Verizon with every issue we have had. Your customer service agents should not be misselling new plans with flase incentives and they should be better trained to appropriately deal with complaints.

Re: Miselling

They have no INCENTIVE to do what you think they should do.

they are paid bonuses on sales and upsells. However I don’t think Tech Support or customer service people should be selling anything. 

But verizon like other providers are losing customers, so they offer the sun and moon and stars. If they can do so or not. That is the real issue.

i personally would call your states regulators or attorney generals office if you believe what happened to you should be reported. 

Remember you can always leave leave and go elsewhere. The cost of so called early termination fees can be negated by the Public Service Commission or Public Utilities Commission in your locale. 

Re: Miselling
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I am in the exact same situation.  On top of that, it is impossible to reach customer service over the weekend and Verzion wants to replace my faster router with one of their slower old rickety quantum ones and charge me for it.