Misleading Advertisement for Extreme TV package

I just renewed my Verizon triple play contract. I kept the exact same services I had before. One of the benefits of keeping that service was that the Multi-room DVR service which I was getting for free ( normally abut $20 per month) I am still receiving. When I looked over the individual  services I was renewing I noticed that HBO and Showtime were listed as "included in TV bundle" so I asked the rep on the phone if that was true and she said yes, those two premium channels are now included with Extreme HD TV package, however, when tuning to HBO, I was receiving all the related channels but when tuning to a Showtime station there wasn't any broadcast but instead an option to add it to my lineup. I went on to Verizon's web site .. Checked my account and came to learn that I was given some "HBO 3 month loyalty package" whooopppiii ...  But when  comparing the various TV packages, Extreme HD shows next to HBO and Showtime "Include in bundle when you have TV or phone bundled with TV". Calling Verizon. It was explained to me that since I continued the "old promotional" gift of the free MultiRoom DVR that HBO and Showtime were NOT included in the bundle .. Well MY bundle but I was NEVER told that .... So how can I be given the option to NOW add Showtime or HBO to my plan at an additional cost but the EXTREME HD TV Plan lists these as included????? This is the most convoluted and misleading advertising I have ever come to experience.