Misled on FioS availability

I have had Verizon for quite a few years, and have always preferred the FiOS internet offered. When I started house hunting in a particular area that I need to be in, I contacted verizon to see what my options were. The representative told me that I could transfer my services to the new city and this was confirmed when we received a flyer from Verizon telling us that FiOS was being offered in the city I was looking to move. So, I extended my contract. Now, I'm being told that FiOS is not offered in the city where I just purchased my home and that the flyer was just a "tester" to gather interest in the neighborhood. Isn't that lying to the consumer? How are they able to get away with that? Now, when I call they tell me that FiOs isn't available but Direct TV is and the internet offered is at Dial Up speed. This is ridiculous. I need a Verizon representative to make this right.

Re: Misled on FioS availability

Hello Jjfaura,

While a Verizon employee may occasionally post here, this community is meant mainly for peer-to-peer support. If you need to talk to a Verizon representative, you should contact customer service directly.