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Well for starters I have been with Verizon a long time and I for one am a little upset with them I just recently bought the Motorola edge uw 2021 and upgraded my plan when I paid my last bill. My job had to transfer me to a new location which threw off my ability to pay my bill this last month on time. I have called numerous times in hopes to speak with a live agent. Well I haven't been able to. All I wanted to do is set a date to to pay my last months bill and this coming bill. So needless to say I am upset that Verizon won't do this considering I've given them alot of money out of my pocket just to leave my line activated till this up and coming due date. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get this done. Please help

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Customer Service Rep

Hi, KenNeugent! Thank you so much for reaching us using our Social Media Support channels, and thanks for your comment, thank you for taking the time to explain that to me, we never want our customers to feel this way. Our goal is to provide you the best experience. Please send me a DM and allow me the opportunity to assist you as you deserve.