Moving + ETF = Never going back to Verizon Fios
Past 12 months I have been a perfect customer; paid bills on time, not calling to complain about any service interruptions, and even upgraded services online which increased my bill. I had to move for work and do not offer fios in new apartment. I call to cancel and now they want to charge me $140 ETF. I tried being pleasant on the phone, did not raise my voice or anything. Just asked to please help me in covering this even some kind of credit because I'm in a tight situation. Lady on the phone named Kathy said there is nothing she could do and the ETF will sustain. This is horrible. IF YOU DO NOT OFFER SERVICE IN AN AREA HOW COULD YOU HONOR AN AGREEMENT?!? No leeway(sp) whatsoever? No help? I will be an anti-verizon fios advocate from this day forward. What a greedy corporation. Goodbye and good riddance!!
Re: Moving + ETF = Never going back to Verizon Fios
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/ do have same problem on 08/19/2019 

exactly same thing.. was all good before i decide to move. Thy want new people but not keeping old people!