Moving/No Service/Still Charged

So I have had FIOS DVR/Gigabit Service since February and I moved on August 1st.  I let them know and setup service to be installed to the new place.  The earliest install date was for late August which was 3 weeks after my move.  Well, it just so happened that I had to work that day and re-scheduled my install date to the earliest date that Verizon had available.  The earliest date that Verizon had available ended up being September 24th so now I have to wait another Month before they are able to install services.

In the interim, they still wanted my Monthly Paynent of $197.00 for August even though I haven't had service since then and, this, after the representative on the phone (during making arrangements for the Service Transfer) told me that she was able to bring down my Bill to $167 (which is another story in itself as all it is, is the 'Test Drive' price as, when you're moving they treat you like as if you're a new customer.  Yet, this was never mentioned and I was promised this price with my existing package which is the Ultimate Package).

In that first week of August I found this to be odd and I called them to find out as to why I had to pay this when I wasn't even using the services yet until they installed the equipment.  The supervisor informed me that this payment would be for a trailing month and that any payments made for days where I didn't have service would somehow be prorated..  Again I found this odd as I had made that first months payment prior initial installation.  However, I unwillingly made that payment.

Well, it is now September 10th and my phone has been flying off the hook for another payment that they want for $197.00 (what happened to $167.00..?) and I haven't had service now for 6 weeks!

Also, the plot gets thicker as I just found out that I will be moving again at the end of this month.

So my question is, if I make another payment for this month and my service finally does get installed say sometime next month in the 3rd week of October, do I get re-imbursed for 2 1/2 months of not having service?

Also, why am I still being charged $197.00 when I was told that it would be $167.00?

Any help into this matter would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you.

Re: Moving/No Service/Still Charged
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Hi Sebisbetter,

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