Moving - Verizon won't honor current contract - done with them!

I've been a loyal FIOS customer for the past 7 years (ever since I moved to where it's available); and a Verizon wireless customer for even longer.  I've always appreciated the quality of the services I've received - and so I've stuck with Verizon.  However, this year, I've had several difficult service interactions - and today was the last straw - I'm done!

For context, we're moving in 2 months.  Not far - literally a mile away.  I went online to submit the 'moving' information - expecting that I'd be able to get the same package/pricing I currently have.  I was wrong.  The website was making me select a new package - so I started the online chat help.  The agent proceeded to assure me that I'd be able to get the same package / services for the same price - and walked me through the process of building the same package online.  When we got to the end, it was showing as $45/more per month.  Given the assurances of the agent, I expected she'd be able to do something to make the price the same - but she just said that's the best price that can be offered and gave me very 'canned' responses about the quality of Verizon and the best prices available.

I re-upped my contract 3 months ago - and now, Verizon refuses to honor that contract at another house a mile away.  The chat help is absurd - they should have the same authority as phone call agents.

Now that wireless networks have gotten more on par and Comcast has upped the ante on Cable services, I think I'm done.  Verizon has decided to make things more complicated than they need to be - and for that, I'm done.

Re: Moving - Verizon won't honor current contract - done with them!
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Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other customers here.

Support over the (holiday) weekend is often not as good as support during business hours.  Chat support can also be, um, spotty.  I suggest you call during business hours and speak to the retention department.   You reach them by selecting the options to cancel all services.

Good Luck.