Multiple DVRs being shipped to my house

I got home today and found 4 150G DVRs on my doorstep. The funny thing is that I did not order them. Is there someone playing games at Verizon trying to get the customers mad? I am a busy executive who does not have time to return DVRs. I really dont have any time for games, and Verizon is really taking up alot of my time. It was embarrasing preparing 4 DVRs at my workplace, when I am a manager who does not do this type of work. Please stop sending me DVRs, and I HOPE they are not going to bill me for these....

Re: Multiple DVRs being shipped to my house
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We are sorry for the inconvenience.  This requires an agent that can review your account details. 

Please visit: and choose “Live Chat.” If a chat agent is available to assist you, the chat link will become live after the page is fully loaded.