Multiple Security Deposits

I recently ordered Fios internet and was required to post a security deposit of $125.  As my order was being processed online, there was a system issue and the order did not process.  The online chat support requested for me to reattempt my order.  When I told him I'd already been charged the deposit, he said not to worry that the charge would be reversed.  I did as requested and encountered the same issue and the order did not complete.  I was charged a second time.  When this order did not go through, the chat rep requested I call and complete the order online.  In order to do so, I was charged a third deposit.  My account is now active, but my 2 extra deposits have not been returned.  I've attempted to contact verizon via the phone several times, but have been repeatedly transferred between departments.  I've spent over 2.5 hours on hold.  Please help.

Re: Multiple Security Deposits

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.