Multiple accounts and multiple paswords- why not ONE?
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Hi all-

A pet peeve of mine regarding verizon's online presence is the multiple sign ons that verizon requires of us for each land line, wireless line, internet/FIOS and cable accounts. 

This has created somewhat of a problem for us when my wife or I attempt to sign on to 1) pay a bill 2) change a setting 3) get email and so forth. 

Is there a way to sign on to all accounts with ONE set of user/password combos? 


Re: Multiple accounts and multiple paswords- why not ONE?
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Currently wireless is seperate from landline service.  So single signin is not possilbe.

They are making changes, e.g. during signon many people briefly see a Wireless password page while logging into their landline accounts.  So maybe they will eventually change this, but it certainly is not working now.  Many years ago I had tried to use the same userid on both, and it caused several problems and they had to delete my ID off wireless in order for me to create a different one.