My Dissatisfaction with Verizon is Off the Richter Scale

to all people who posted dissatisfaction with verizon everthing is off the richter scale..

lets discuss thier customer service and our call history logs...i spent a week talking to them in chat but no one in chat was able to give a straight answer concerning this,they all said we'd like to help but its not our department and i'll transfer you to someone who can help...whay i don't like is being shuffled around,they do this on purpose so we'll give up...and there over freindly attitude makes me wan to vomit or lets get this going case went like this basically,signed on sept 15th 2018,they came up with $102.13 a month for basic triple...paid the first bill october 7th,all was good until it passed 10/15 or option to not use the service,...this months bill comes up $125.23 or so,so i start the process of inquiry,they claimed i made 7 national directory 411 calls(not)i disputed the charges by saying the internet is my 411 why would i need to call that(not knowing either it was chargable)unlike Optimum where its free and included in your plan...they said i didn't read the contract close enough,i agreed because i just got a great deal at $102 and just assumed it was included so now after a week of wasted chat with runaround answers i finally called billing today and it was a pure nightmare...first the guy spoke in broken english dialect(india i think)...then people in the backround talking and with my hearing impairment it was really hard to understand him...i told him in my call history logs there are only two calls,one to local pharmacy and one to my mother in brentwood and asked where are these supposed charges for 411?imean i made alot of local calls and nothing was in there specifically the 411 calls so i kept at him about it,i said tell me how to get to my phone dashboard so i can see the details and dates of these calls,he didn't answer me he just kept putting me on hold and then said all i will see is 555-1212,no other information about it...i said Really! how can that be?your telling me your charging me for 7 411 calls that you can't prove where they were placed to?so you could have just made that up to jack my bill...then he said something garbled and hung up...Here comes the best part,i go have dinner and come back an hour later to see if anything happened to my bill,and still $125..but not from 411 calls,they switched it to more/extra verizon and govt fees and surcharges amounting to $23+ so now they covered their mideed just to jack my bill with charges that i have supposedly paid for in the $102.13 price for my contract so now we also have contract manipulation on top of everything i wrote...on top also is your tv service stinks,channels freeze up and set top box keeps rebooting too many times even if you change the channel....i say in truth,i never had so much bull happen here when i had optimum..Verizon Disgrace,all of you...Especially customer service....

Re: Call History Logs

Hi jeffre17,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.