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I made a payment on this account on April 3, 2018. My balance was $ 177.12. However after making that payment, my balance is still the same. If I go to payment history it does show my $ 100.00 payment on April 3rd, however it doesn't reflect on no the balance. I spoke to someone at fios and they couldn't find the payment. The payment cleared my checking account today, along with my other two payments, one to another fios account and one to verizon wireless. I don't understand this.

Also, I reported to fios on or about September 25th, that the house {edited for privacy} had a fire and we would have to suspend the service until further notice. I asked if there was any balance and what should we do with the equiptment. I was told there was no balance and to hold onto the equiptment until we were ready to resume service and then we would be able to exchange it for new equiptment. We heard nothing until Feburary. At that time we were texed a message about an over due balance and a request for the equiptment to be returned.

I had checked on line to see any messages periodcially and I never saw a balance due until after the text message. I made a payment in March for $ 100.00 and like I said again on April 3rd. Today I recieved a letter from a collection agency for $ 177.12, and I figured they didn't get notified yet about the April 3rd payment. The equiptment was returned.

When I contacted fios I was transfered to someone who could help me to see if this situation was submitted to the credit bureaus and a recording came on and said that I should hang up because it couldn't continue. What was that?

I am very discouraged with the customer support. I have had accounts with verizon for about 30 years and usually I can resolve my problems with a simple phone call.

So you can check, the other accounts, fios account is connected with {edited for privacy} and the wireless is connected to {edited for privacy}. The fios account is new, but the wireless account is the old one.

I hope you can help me. I am really upset with this whole situation.


{edited for privacy}

I would like you to find my $ 100.00 payment to the above mentioned account and I would like to know if this situation was reported to the credit bueraus, and if it was I would like it reversed, because as soon as I discovered there was a balance I started making payments.

Re: My account

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.