My contract

Please have this issue escalated.  

When I returned to Verizon, I had phone and internet only for $104 per month.   Approximately 4 months later, I added cable and DVR.   My bill has constantly been going up.  It’s now over $200 per month including taxes.  I have no movie channels and very few channels at all.  

I contacted Verizon a while back to state this bill is no longer within my budget.  I had fallen behind and requested an extension.  I was told my services would be terminated permanently.   

So, I kept the service on and never caught up the payments.  My services were disconnected twice.  Now, I have discovered that restoral fees have been charged in the amount of $104 each.  This is robbery!

of course I contacted representatives to request a better or reduced package.   I was told that any changes at all would cause the price to be increased.   This is not true as I could return boxes, etc.  

VERIZON restarted my contract when I added cable, although they told me they would not.  They want me to pay $125 for early termination.  They will not allow me to drop cable as the fee for internet only is now $140.  This is crazy!   Please stop holding me hostage.