My credit score is ruined due to Verizon mistakes
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 I made an account with Verizon and a secret duplicate account was made at the same time it seems using all my credentials. So, on that other account, which I never received any notification therefore had no knowledge of its existence really, specifically regarding charges or bills, they charged me $104 for initial costs of making the account. Few months later my credit score went down by over 120 points. I called the credit bureaus and got my credit report and found out that Verizon had sent the amount to a collection agency, so I filed two disputes. Everyone just told me to wait, and I did.. however, my credit score dropped another 20 points. When I called Verizon, they would be extremely unhelpful and rude for the most part or just transfer me and put me on hold. Finally, after being hung up on twice, I was able to reach the recovery team, who only told me that the account was closed by Verizon and sent to the Convergent Outsourcing department and no longer their responsibility. After checking my credit score, not only did Verizon sent the amount that I am not responsible for and never received any bills or calls, warnings, notices, NOTHING, to collections, they CHARGED IT OFF!!!, which is far worse than collections and more difficult to get it removed. So basically, every time I call Verizon and get to talk to anyone after hours on hold, they only tell me it is a closed account and no longer their responsibility despite admitting it was a mistake from their end, an "accident" an "error" that happens all the time (referring to duplicate secret accounts using customer's information and SSN and secret charges behind their back with ZERO warnings). I am still their customer and have been paying my bills since day one ON TIME. I filed two other disputes with the bureaus, explaining the situation to my best knowledge and they said they cannot remove those derogatory remarks unless Verizon lets them know that those charges are invalid, or that its proven it is a fraud account. Clearly Verizon is not going to take any real responsibility to clean up the mess and damage they did to my life. I wanted to file a consumer report to file the account as fraud, so I contacted the fraud department of Verizon, and this guy got really defensive after hearing my story and connected me to their rude supervisor who told me it is not fraud because customer care made a mistake. She then left a note on that account that it is not fraud so every time I called back, they just read the note... I work full-time, and I still go to school and want to continue going to university. I need a loan for school but now I cannot even request a credit increase let alone get a loan for anything. I don't have a house and my car is an old 2011 almost 130k miles. I hardly have any savings due to the expensive rent. I worked too hard to pay off everything and keep my credit card usage under 2%, and Verizon totally ruined it all for me. People tell me you need to get a lawyer.. Also charge offs are far worst not only due to the impact but what it does it not only discharges Verizon of any ties to the account (which makes it harder to prove anything), but it also puts the account out there for-debt collectors to buy it, so I might be getting threatening calls anytime regarding paying them back. Even if I pay the $104 to them or the collection agencies there is no guarantee it will be removed from my credit report so why would I pay the perpetrators money for services I NEVER RECEIVED? I never once got any calls notice NOTHING regarding those charges that are for an account I NEVER USED or had access to, yet Verizon not only made things worst they increased my bill and didn't even compensate me in anyway.  Reading other people's post made me realize Verizon has this hostility towards many of their customers it seems.  I might give this a try: Disputing Errors on Your Credit Reports | Consumer Advice (

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I am sorry this happened to you and stunned because it sounded like I was reading my story! Verizon did the same thing to me and ruined my credit over $104 for a dummy account for which they never provided service to a nonexistent phone number. I set up a new account for my daughter when I bought her a new phone. We tried to use her old number, but they said they couldn’t .  I set up the account with a new phone number and signed up for auto pay from my bank account. I got a paper bill in the mail, but assumed it was just a statement from the first month’s billing  and did not pay it.  Then, I learned from one of my credit card companies that my credit score  was down 150 points and my credit was lowered. I contacted Verizon and learned that they had mistakenly set up 2  accounts, one real and one dummy account with my daughter’s old phone number. No service was ever provided to the dummy account. Verizon just wrote it off and sent it to Convergent. Convergent would say nothing but that I owed it.  Verizon stonewalled me and said that because it was written off there was nothing they could do. I even went to 2 stores to talk with real Verizon employees, who spent hours with me but ultimately could not change the company’s position. After weeks of fighting, I finally just filed credit disputes with the reporting agencies.

I am sorry to report that all 3 reported back that the entry would not be removed because Verizon verified the charge!

But, within days of the closing of disputes, my credit score rebounded on 2 of the reporting agencies. I wonder if they know about this business practice and adjust accordingly. You story made a light bulb go off in my head that this practice is not just a fluke and could be part of Verizon’s business model. They are a very large, very greedy corporation that does not need to acknowledge their “mistakes” but may actually have found a way to profit from them.

File your disputes with the credit reporting agencies.  Wishing you the best outcome!