MyVerizon - Error in amount due and bill pay

When I log in to MyVerizon, it shows me several things:

1. I have a late fee that is due on 1/8/18 (today's date is 7/30/18)

2. My account number changed from a phone number based number to a new number.

3. A mesage further down the page says that there was an error retrieving my information.

4. I am unable to retrieve my current bill but know my balance since I got an email from Verizon a few weeks ago telling me my balance.

My payment history is correct and there is NO late fee due for anything as I am current in my payments. My bill is due on 8/1/2018 and I scheduled the payment by choosing the date and picking "Choose another amount" (it wanted me to pay the "late fee"). I cannot seem to get in touch with ANYONE who can fix this problem and really want it to be fixed ASAP and this was my only recourse that I could find short of spending 3-4 hours on the phone.

Please HELP!!!!

Re: MyVerizon - Error in amount due and bill pay

This is customers helping customers forum. You must either call 1-800-VERIZON and speak to billing. Or try the Verizon online service from here

They have a great track record at helping.