Need Account Escalation Number

I have had the same problems for a while now and keep getting the runaround. I have multiple chats with support where I am being blatanly lied to and transferred. Anything to get the ticket closed. I was told that the matter had been escalated and that I would receive a call back. I never heard from anyone. I got on a chat today about an issue and I was given a satisfactory answer. I then tried to find out about my previous issue to see if it has any relevance and immedialy got the runaround again. I found out that nothing was ever done and my problems still persist. People just ignore questions and give an answer to something completely different. No one has been able to solve this. Now I am told that I finally have an open ticket after weeks/months of problems and countless hours on the phone and chat. How do I get someone's attention to finally get this fixed?

Re: Need Account Escalation Number
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Hi Strange,

What is the issue you are trying to resolve?