Need desperate help with trade in issue

I got 2 new trade in phone in February 2022, they gave me a box pre paid ups sticker to send old ones back in. I did and then they showed up at Verizon empty, it was weighed at ups. I contacted ups and they said that verizon is shipper since they paid for it and they have to put in a claim. Then went to verizon and they said they would fix it (I kept alll tracking info and still have)..then next month rolls Around and my trade in promo is denied since phones were lost/stolen. Went to Verizon store again in April, they said it was fixed and credited me, then May came and not fixed, went back to store and they credited me and said it was good, now June comes and still not fixed. Manager at store said he has "done his part" and I have to call customer service. I did 2 weeks ago and they credited me, but said I have to call every month for next 36 months cause they can't close out the case til they get Phones. Obviously someone from Verizon/ups stole them, Verizon has isuance for the shipment. This is insane, no one will help me and I can't do my auto pay discount cause they bill me wrong every month. This has take up 8 hours of my life so far. No one will help, they even accused me of sending empty boxes back, they were weighed and ups tracking shows that proof. I'm stuck and so upset, been a Verizon customer for 20 years. Please someone help. 

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