Need help with collection issue

A little over a year ago my wife moved all of our phones and internet over to her name.  We were on a share everything plan at the time.  Verizon screwed up and transferred all but one of our accounts over.  The account that they forgot was the Home Fusion account.  So, our phones were utilizing our data plan and our home fusion was using up a completely separate data plan.  It took several months before we noticed this as the main account with all of our phones was auto debited.  The home fusion was generating another bill but we never knew about it as we were doing everything online thus not needing to ever open a bill.  I have been going round and round with Verizon and finally about 5 months ago found a lady in customer service who agreed with the situation and said that she would take care of it and remove the charge.  We just received a notice from a collection agency that this bill has now been turned over.  I spend around $500/month with Verizon and I'm getting ready to cut everything off and move carriers.  Is there anyone here with Verizon that can assist?  I have voicemails from a John and a Jim that stated they would take care of this and nothing as of yet.  Help!!??

Re: Need help with collection issue

Hi griz7674,

These forums are dedicated to Residential products and services offered by Verizon.  It looks like the account in question was a wireless account, for which you will need to contact Verizon Wireless.

For help on Verizon Wireless issues, please post your topic on the Verizon Wireless community.

Thank you.