Need help with frustrating $40 fee

So, I incurred a returned item fee due to my own human error—not having much money to my name, I can only really put money in accounts when needed for bills. I accidentally put the money in the wrong account, and now I owe my bank *and* Verizon about $30 each due to returned item fees. Further, this turned off autopay, and with it the $10/month discount that made their service affordable, so now they’re demanding $40.

Verizon claims that since it was not an error on their part, it is impossible for them, a multinational corporation, to simply not charge a $40 fee on top of what I’m already paying.

They claim they’re ready to help during COVID-19, but unless they can return my bill to its typical state and cooperate with humans who sometimes make mistakes—simply by not charging exorbitant fees for doing so—they’re definitely not helping.

Re: Need help with frustrating $40 fee

Unfortunately by your own admission you made the error. In doing so the fees associated with your account are justified and any credit back would be a goodwill gesture on verizons part. They don’t have to fix your mistake and the rules for payment postings are clear if you read the terms of service. In any case if you can get the automatic payments to resume it will have to be through customer service.

verizon is famous for not allowing customers who default on their auto pay to suspend it for six months or more and may require payments in cash at a verizon store.

i don’t advocate any type of auto debit for your reason and others. Just to many pratfalls when a company controls your bank account or credit card.

you don’t save $10 if something happens you end up paying more ($60)