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October 12: suspended Verizon account because of military deployment. Verizon does not work in the middle east

October 17: called Verizon to see if I could transfer my suspended number to Google Fi because it works in middle east. Representative did not advise me that would deactivate my suspended account or that it would creat a charge of 578 dollars because even tho I paid for my phone I did a trade in under a promotion. I was suppose to keep the account open for 3 years. If I knew this I would not transfer my number. The rep Tayrone never mentioned any of this. 
Deployed middle east Verizon does not work. I still think is suspended under military deployment program.

End of October check my account and I found out a substancial charge from Verizon on my account.
November 3 call Verizon and they inform me that when I transfer the number my account got deactivated. They also tell me that to activate it I have to request the number back from Google Fi so they can activate it and then suspend it and issue a reimbursement for not advicing me correctly. Phone still does not work on the middle east. Google Fi in 20 minutes releases the old Verizon number and issues me a new one. Call Verizon and they activate my account. After 4 hours with multiple representatives from Verizon they tell me that they cannot give me the reinbursement. Suspending the account does not work now because they don't have any info for me on the record. It's one in the AM in the middle east and I have army duties the next day so I end the call. They did say that they where going to call me to fix it on my Monday at 8pm my time 12PM their time. Call did not come. Called Verizon again.

NOV 6 call Verizon and they are unable to suspend my account even tho I emailed my orders 4 times to their same. Military website I submitted the orders the first time. 
NOV 7 my wife in the states goes to a Verizon wireless store in  Grass Valley California. Representative calls the same people I been calling again same deal they can't do anything. Their answer is to send me a text well I don't receive text have not received text for the last month because Verizon does not work in middle east. They hang up on my wife and Verizon representative because they could not solve the issue. Verizon rep apologized to my wife 
Decide to cancel Verizon so Imdonthar have to pay 80 dollars for a year while deployed 
NOV 7 night - call to cancel Verizon and they still wanted to try to suspend my account. I did not have it on me to go through this process for an 8 the time. This situation has stressed me out more than the actual deployment.

Notified that my account is cancelled and I will receive my last bill on November 17. A bill! when the account was supposed to be suspended because military deployment back in October and the only reason I activated it was because they told me to transfer the number so they could reimburse me and suspend it.  I need help or should I go to USERA

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Rlangston, we are sorry to read about your ongoing issues with your account while also navigating a military deployment. We would like to take a closer look at your account to understand more about what has occurred. We will be sending a private note so that we can gather additional information from you. 


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I am having the same issue, and I'm wondering if you were able to get a resolution.


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@alison123987  wrote: I am having the same issue, and I'm wondering if you were able to get a resolution.

First and foremost, we appreciate your service, and it is disheartening to hear that you are having a similar experience. We will likely need access to your account to assist, so please be on the lookout for a private message from us.