Need to Escalate a complaint

I need to escalate a complaint above a supervisor.  I am really unhappy with a call I had with a representative and her manager.  

In March/April of 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic, I contacted Verizon as a brand new customer.  I have been a customer of Comcast all my life.  I wanted to get 200 mbps fios internet, and according to the promotion, there would not be a $99 fee.  I was told that the house I was moving into only had 100 mpbs and if I ordered 200 mbps I would need to have a technician come out and because of COVID 19, Verizon was not sending technicians out at that time.  However, if I ordered 100 mbps, I would be able to have services immediately.  I was advised after I moved in, I could go ahead and change/upgrade my order to 200 mbps and once technicians could come out, they could upgrade me like I originally wanted.  I did ASK would I be charge $99 fee?  I was told, just explain what happened and that we could not come out and the only way for you to get services was to go with the 100 mbps plan.  With COVID 19, they "should" remove the fee.

Fast forward, I move in, I have services, everything is good.  After a couple of weeks, I go ahead and place a new order for 200 mbps knowing I'll have to wait since they are not sending out technicians.  I did see a $99 charge, but remembering what the previous representative told me, I would call and ask it to be waived.  Why wouldn't they waive it?  Makes sense right?  Good customer service???

So finally, I start getting text messages from Verizon saying they can send a technician out.  I got an appt for July 10th.  They come out do their thing, then a little later, I get a "bill" and it includes the $99 charge.  I call  Verizon, and speak to a great rep.  I explain the history, he looks at the previous notes and he said he will go ahead and request that the $99 be removed.  I'm a happy customer and off I go.

I get a bill yesterday and guess what is on the bill?  $99.  I think no sweat...something happened.  I'll just call again.  Great customer service before.  The guy was awesome, he took care of me.  This time was a different experience.  I'm told they can't just remove the $99.  I explain the history and they said, well you accepted the $99 when you placed the new order.  I said I accepted it because I was expecting it would be removed.  You were not able to give me services for 200mbps when I needed it so you recommended I go with 100 mbps and I could call later, explain the whole COVID thing, and they could remove the $99 then.  

Well, the rep and the supervisor REFUSE to remove it.  To me, it's absolutely terrible customer service.  WE are all going through different times, I am a brand new customer of less than 2 months.  First, I was told well even when you signed up in March/April, you would have been charge $99 for 200 mbps.  No, I wasn't.  She said they were only offering the $99 off to 100 mbps customers.  NO....and I went online right then to confirm, "look there is no $99 fee for 200 mbps either".  Her response was "well that was today, not back then".   Yea, right.  I ask to speak to her supervisor.  The supervisor says, "well you accepted the $99 charge when you placed the new order for 200 mbps.  I said, I orirginally wanted 200 mbps and explained I was told to go to 100 mbps and call back later and they should remove the charge.  I told her that the rep I spoke to on July 10th was going to remove it, everything was taken care of.  She says she doesn't see that anywhere in the notes, but he was going to look into it.  The supervisor was no help as she said, "well you accepted the $99 charge when you placed the order".  I ONLY accepted it because I thought Verizon would do the right thing and remove it.  She refused to remove it.

Please tell me why you would do this to a brand new customer.  You were not charging activation/install fees of $99 to new customers, and because the ONLY way I could get service was to change my original order of 200 mbps with NO activation/install fee to 100 mbps with no activation fee.  Why would you proceed to charge me $99 and not remove it.  

I want this escalated.  With everything happening with COVID 19, IF there was no covid 19, I would have gotten my 200 mbps, no activation fee, all would have been good.  BUT because of COVID 19, and my situation, Verizon not being able to send out technicians, I'm going to be charge this $99 anyway???  It's not right.

Please provide me with the phone number or contact info to escalate.

Re: Need to Escalate a complaint

Hi sarahyter,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Response times may vary and may be delayed at this time. Please continue to check your Inbox for a reply from a Verizon agent. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.