Need to file a complaint against Fios billing error and customer service

How could I file a formal complaint against Verizon FIOS Internet service billing errors and Verizon customer service?

It is  a very frustrating experience and  I have already contacted Verizon service via chat, phone calls (5 times!!!) and even an office visit. The issue remains resolved and ecah time the customer service representative gave me different explanations (most of them don't know what they were talking about and just made up something) and most of calls were transfered to different department, after long wating and often I was told to call again.

I canceled my FIOS Internet+phone service on July, 25th, 2018 and it happens to be exact the half month of the billing cycle. Since my account was set to auto-pay, and the whole bill of $130.16 for July 10- Aug 9 was already paid. My las bill  (Aug. bill) was supposed to give me back the credit for Jul 25 -Aug 9).  I returned all the verizon devices ( Fios gateways).  BTW, please see below my complaint against customer service about euipment return.        

My Aug. bill arrived and I still owe $38.61, although the half month credit -$62.50, was there  but the bill has two extra items added:

 1. Fios intenet 20/5 Deferred charge for 05/03/2010-06/09/2010 , OMG!  2010, 8 years ago.  I always paid my bill. I kept all paper bill for several years, but not 8 years!

 2. Added service: "Fios Internet 75/75 added 7/25".  I canceled the service that day, why chage me "added service" ?!

I immediately called Verizon and after long talk with different agents and finally my call was tranferred to billing office and after long waiting, the billing speciaist checked my account and told me that he could NOT find why charge is there, but he said that it will be corrected on my next "final" bill.  As for the 2nd item ("added" service), one of agents had a bizzare explanation:  the day I canceled the service, when the loyalty team confirmed my canceling service, they proposed a triple-play deal to me, whcih I refused, but the service somehow was added, the agent promised me that Verizon will give me credit back on my next fina bill. So instead of getting $62.50 credit, my Aug. bill has positve balance due to those 2 bogus charges. Auto-pay took my money as usual.

Now Sept bill, the final bill, arrived,  $0 balance, and no credit at all !!

PLEASE ESCALATE my issue and resolve the issues ASAP!

Below are my  complaints against customer service:

1. Inconsitent answers:

   a. After I received Sept. bill,  9/13 evening,  I called Verizon and was told to contact billing office next time because it was out of office hours, and I doubled checked and confirmed that the office opens on Sat.  But when I called on Sat, (9/15) the office  is closed.

   b. When I canceled service, I was told the return kit will be sent to my house in 5 business days. Not showed up in a week. I called and was told it needs more time.  A week later I called again because I did not receive any return kit, then this time agent told me just go to local Fedex office with my account number. That was how I return the Verizon devices. Simpel return took 3 calls and more than 2 weeks, plus I received mails for Verizon about device return. What a waste ! The agents need be retrained!

  3. So many differnet explanations for those 2 bogus charges. Each time I called, I got different answers. Since the billing office could not find the root reason, I knew some agents just made up things - that **bleep** my off, if you don't know the answer just say so, don't make things worse.

2. Incompetent agent: 

  One of my calls to 800-verizon,  the agent could not locate my account, and I gave the exact the same infomation everyt time I call (phone # and account #), and I asked to talk to supervisor but the call was put on hold and finally transffered to tech support and I was asked to call 800-verizon again!

Re: Need to file a complaint against Fios billing error and customer service
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Hi ywg99,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.