Never got my $1000 in rebates, trouble with trade in's, wish I never switched to Verizon
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I brought 5 phones from AT&T,  mostly because at the time, Verizon had a $200 rebate per transferred line. I should have received $1000 in rebates, but I haven't received anything. On top of this frustration, I've had trouble with TWO of my trade-in's: one was a Samsung S9 that was recorded as a Samsung S5 Active for some reason (meaning there was no trade in credit), and my Galaxy S10+ was scanned in as "received" with my other phones, but then Verizon claimed it never arrived. I was able to sort out the trade-in problems after 5 calls and HOURS spent talking to multiple customer service reps, but I still haven't had resolution with my rebates. 

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking of switching, I'd say DON'T SWITCH TO VERIZON! It's been a total headache from the start.