New 2 year contract already has higher equipment charges than was promised by Verizon reps.

First, let me say that I love the products Verizon offer. Their TV and Internet blows away the Time Warner service I had. Having said that, I knew going in to a new relationship with Verizon Fios that I'd have to be diligent with keeping abreast of what's going on with every facet of my installation, service and billing. Prior to signing a new contract with Verizon, I read a lot of horror stories online regarding Verizon's ambiguous promises and truths that reps tell you in chat sessions or on the phone. Or charges that pop up on your bill, etc., etc. So far everything has pretty much panned out OK, though there are a couple of issues I have to keep my eye on.

Here's my curent discrepancy:

Prior to signing my new 2 year contract, I was told by MANY on line AND phone reps that the two digital adapters needed (in addition to my two STB's), would be a cost of $5.99 each per month for the length of the contract. I asked repeatedly back to them "Their cost will not be going up for the duration of the contract, correct?". I was ASSURED they would NOT.

Now, my contract is barely two months old, and I just noticed that I have never been charged the $5.99, but indeed I am being charged $7.99 from the jump. Just got off line with a Verizon rep {edited for privacy} and was told that the charges for digital adapters went up in September and there ya go. Well, that's not what i was promised and told my charges would be for 2 years. I was told they would be NO MORE tha $5.99 a month each.

So, after checking with his supervisor, they OK'd a 12 month discount of $4.00 for twelve months. While I appreciate the discount I really should only be paying $5.99 for each adapter AS PROMISED for 24 months.

I know this problem seems trivial to the problems people seem to be having here on the forums, but I just had to write Verizon and let them know, it's NOT RIGHT to promise potential customers specific costs if you are not going to honor what you promise people. Essentially, you are LYING to the public.

I would like to request that my charges for the adapters should reflect $5.99 for 24 months AS PROMISED BY VERIZON FIOS.