New Address

I recently moved, within 10-15 miles of my prior address, to a Fios compatible apartment.  Called Verizon prior to the move and was told to take my exisiting router and everything would work.  I did just that and my service was uninterrupted for nearly one month; however, I returned home from work one day to find that my internet was turned off.  After hours on the phone, I was informed that my account had not been transferred but instead terminated because the prior tenant had not properly removed her Fios account from the address.  As a result, I was told I would have to pay a $99 set up fee, have a technician come to the apartment and my monthly rate would increase by $10-$20.  After numerous more phone calls, I was able to self-install my internet and have my prior fee reinstated; however, Verizon insist that I have to pay $99 service fee for a new account/transfer to new address/whatever reason the person I speak to tells me at the time of the call.  NONE of my other utilities do such a thing (and Comcast NEVER charged me a fee to switch addresses where no installation was necessary).  Given the circumstances, I asked to have the fee waived and was told because I signed into and confirmed my account, something I had to do to get internet established, I verified/accepted the fee.  To be more ridiculous, I've been numerous videos on how to better understand my bill.  I will spend the rest of the week pricing alternative internet providers; I don't want to swith from Fios, but this is ABSURD!